A Quick Guide to the Mexican Visitor Tax VISITAX


When planning your next trip to Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel it’s important that you are aware of the new mandatory tourist tax VISITAX. This article is a quick guide on what the tax is, who it applies to, and how to pay.URL :https://visitaxmx.org/

The VISITAX (pronounced VISA-Tax) is a state tax created in April 2021 and enforced by the State of Quintana Roo for the reactivation of its tourism sector. It is payable by all international tourists over the age of four years who travel for touristic purposes only.

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Upon making the payment, you will receive a voucher with a QR code that will need to be shown at various points throughout your stay to validate your payment. This can be saved on your phone or printed out.

This system is easy, secure and convenient. It’s been approved by the State of Quintana RC and is used by all hotels in the region. Using this method will save you time, reduce airport delays and will support the local economy by contributing to the development of additional tourism infrastructure in the region.

You can make the payments up to your day of departure, and you can pay for 10 people at a time, making it perfect for families. The process is also much faster, allowing you to skip the line and enjoy your trip in just a few minutes.