Woman Escort – Do Certain Woman Escort Characteristics Predict the Prices They Charge?

AmorousHug woman escort  is an adult female who provides sexual services to men for money. Prostitution laws and regulations vary widely around the world; some countries have legalized, while others have banned or decriminalized it. A woman escort may work in a brothel, hotel room, window or street corner. She may also work at a private client’s home or apartment. She may use an alias to conceal her identity and protect her reputation.

For many women, working as a woman escort is an alternative to traditional employment or a second career. For some, it is a way to escape the hardships of life or the pressure of balancing family responsibilities. For others, it is a way to meet new people and experience different relationships. For most, however, it is simply a means of making ends meet.

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The purpose of this study is to determine whether certain escort characteristics predict the prices they charge for their sexual services in online advertisements. Female escorts use photographs to advertise their services in an attempt to increase demand. These photographs often depict nudity, including breasts and buttocks. We used statistical methods to examine the relationships between these escort features and the advertised fees they charge.

Results from this study show that female escorts who display nudity in their photos are more likely to charge higher fees for their sexual services than those who do not. These findings are consistent with the idea that men favor sex workers who display their nudity in short-term mating contexts. In addition, displaying nudity is a way for sex workers to signal their fitness status to potential clients.

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Whether it’s an hour for a drink or the time of her life, an escort woman will offer more than just her body. She will also offer a different kind of pleasure – the kind that’s not always talked about but often felt. For some women, hiring a woman for sex is a regular part of their lives. Some may have had marriage and kids but found that sexual satisfaction has been missing from their lives. Others are single mothers and find dating difficult to fit in with their busy schedules. Still others have mental health issues or a partner who doesn’t support their sexual needs. For them, an escort might be the perfect way to meet those needs while keeping it safe, discreet and out of the public eye.

While research on escort women has focused on their work environment and the nature of their clientele, few studies have explored both the emotional experiences for service providers and how women represent themselves in advertising. This article uses semi-directed interviews with 16 escort women to examine their representations of themselves as beautiful and feminine, the skills they think are essential for their work performance, and how they feel about the sexual aspects of their jobs.

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Findings suggest that women who market their physical attractiveness, age and nude displays charge higher rates for sexual services than those who don’t. This is in line with research on mating domains where men prefer women whose features are associated with fecundity and youth, as well as their preference for short-term mating strategies that allow them to access sexually available females with minimal investment or commitment (Wade (2000)). This article was edited for length and appeared in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale December 9.