Construction Temporary Agency

Eu Workers construction projects require a team of specialized professionals, hiring a temp agency is an ideal solution. Temp agencies screen candidates for job references, experience and qualifications to ensure their temporary workers are the best fit for the construction industry. They also manage payroll and other administrative duties, which frees the company to focus on finding workers with the right skills.

Temporary agencies can provide project teams with the expertise needed to meet quality standards and fulfill client expectations on time and within budget. In addition, they can offer flexibility to companies that need to ramp up or down staffing levels depending on demand.

Tackling Turnover: How Temp Agencies Keep Construction Projects Moving”

Staff shortages are a common challenge for construction companies, especially during peak season. With a temp agency, companies can find employees with the right skill set quickly, even in emergency situations. They don’t have to spend hours reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, which can cause delays in hiring.

Construction temp agencies can help find workers in a variety of roles, including project engineers, schedulers and skilled laborers. Skilled labor roles typically have a more specific skill set, such as carpentry or plumbing. Some construction staffing agencies offer a temporary-to-hire option, which gives the construction company a chance to evaluate a worker’s performance before making a permanent hire. These types of arrangements usually have upfront flat-fee retainers, and the agency then charges a percentage — up to 50 percent — of the person’s hourly rate after the company hires them.