Modded Land Rover Defender

Designed to be the best off-roader in its class, the new-generation Defender is one of the most capable vehicles on the road. The design is based on a basic aluminum unibody platform that Land Rover has fortified to handle off-road adventures better than any other SUV.

Is Land Rover Defender expensive?

The new modded land rover defender high sills, short overhangs and externally mounted rear wheel facilitate all conquering off-road capability, whereas its elemental yet sophisticated surfaces communicate the Defender’s tough and purposeful character.

It can climb and descend a 47-degree angle, and its 38-degree approach, 40-degree departure, and 28-degree break-over angles beat Broncos and Wranglers by a significant margin. That’s a lot of angles for a car to hit, but the Defender’s hardware and software work together seamlessly.

There are a number of companies that specialize in building custom Defenders. Some, such as Twisted Automotive, have been around for decades. Others, such as E.C.D Automotive Design, have been at it for only a few years.

For Twisted, their goal is to create an authentic ‘classic’ Land Rover Defender with modern components. Their process starts with a visit to their state-of-the-art Florida facility, where they meet with clients to get an idea of what they want the finished vehicle to look like.

They then send the client a rendering of how their Defender will look and feel once it’s finished, and the client can make any changes they want. Once the design is approved, they can begin the build.