Three Places to Find Lock Pick Kits for Sale

lock pick kits for sale

Whether you’re an experienced locksmith or just getting started, the right set of lock pick kits for sale can make the difference between success and frustration. If you’re shopping for your first set, it’s important to keep three primary factors in mind to ensure you acquire the best lock pick kit for your specific needs and skill level.

Amazon is the king of selling just about anything online, including professional-grade tools and supplies for lockpicking. Its large selection includes beginner lock pick sets from Dangerfield and Goso that meet budgetary constraints, as well as Southord and Peterson kits for more advanced practitioners. In addition, you can often find used and second-hand lock pick sets on the site for a fraction of their retail value.

Mastering the Art of Entry: A Guide to Essential Lock Picking Equipment

A highly-reputable and established online store for professionals, this shop carries all the tools, parts, cylinders, duplicators, and accessories that an accredited locksmith could need to do his or her job. The company offers a money-back guarantee, fast shipping, and the option to rent or buy some items.

This company specializes in providing top-quality locks and keys to military personnel, law enforcement, and other government agencies. Its website carries everything from standard and Euro lock picks to shims, tension tools, and jigglers. It also has a dedicated section for hard-to-find tools and a “build your own pick kit” feature that lets you choose your preferred tools and accessories. In addition, the site offers finance plans and overnight delivery for urgent orders.