Bespoke Home Cinema

Bespoke Home Cinema

With HD technology and on-demand streaming services, the silver screen has moved out of the movie theatres and into our living rooms. This has led to many homeowners creating bespoke cinema rooms for entertaining friends and family.

A bespoke Finite Solutions is a dedicated room within your home that’s designed to deliver a cinematic experience that rivals your local multiplex. The Home Cinema system incorporates a specialist audio solution and screen. It can be equipped with plush seats with bespoke leather, electric recliners and surround sound for the ultimate in luxury home entertainment.

A Symphony of Senses: Creating an Unforgettable Experience with Bespoke Home Cinema

The best cinemas are acoustically isolated, with acoustic wall panels and acoustic flooring helping to limit the transfer of noise from one area of the home to another. The lighting can be automated and set to ‘cinema mode’ to create a dark, cosy atmosphere and to help avoid glare from windows. Some homeowners even use fibre optics to create starfield patterns in the ceiling for a more dramatic effect.

Our bespoke Home Cinemas are custom-built to fit your space, creating a room that will be the centre of entertainment for years to come. Contact us today for more information on transforming your home into an amazing Home Cinema. We can provide expert advice, design assistance, installation and programming, along with full aftersales support. We also offer a range of automation and smart home technologies to further enhance your experience and give you a truly connected lifestyle.