Breathwork Teacher Training Online

Whether you are a Yoga teacher, Bodyworker, Meditation teacher, Coach, Nurse or Therapist, the addition of breath techniques to your practices empowers you to help your clients and students with more than just one aspect of their well-being. It gives them the tools to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, find clarity and calm, reducing physical pain and supporting a deeper level of healing and transformation.

Our breathwork teacher training online is a complete training course that will give you all of the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence to guide groups and individuals through breathwork practice. We break down classical Pranayama techniques and make them accessible to all levels of experience.

In addition to a strong self-practice, you will learn how to lead breathwork sessions and classes. You will learn to guide a group of people through a powerful and transformative transformational journey, as they release unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them. You will also be able to support and comfort your students through any emotional shifts that may arise.

How to Become a Breathwork Coach

We will teach you how to create a safe and nurturing space for your clients, offering them personalised breathing practices tailored to their specific health needs. You will learn how to structure your classes with precision and build strong client relationships. We will also cover the business aspects of being a Breathwork Teacher, including class sequencing, marketing strategies and pricing.