Custom Military Badges

Custom military badges are one of the most important parts of a soldier’s uniform and serve to signify rank, accomplishments, skills, and qualifications. They’re worn with pride by veterans and active duty service members alike.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI): Often featuring unique designs, these are embroidered into the left shoulder of a uniform and denote an individual’s branch or unit. They may also have a special design on them, like an emblem, crest, or symbol related to the unit’s history or mission.

Skill Badges: These are the most sought-after badges, awarded to servicemembers with tactical proficiency, excellence as a warfighter, or just coolness. They’re something to aspire to, not because of what they look like on a uniform, but for what they represent and how hard you have to work to earn them.

Insignia of Service: Crafting Custom Military Badges

The coveted combat medic badge, for instance, requires the grit to graduate from the Army’s Combat Medical Course, which is a rigorous training program that can be extremely dangerous. Then you have to go out and do your job in the field, which can be even more dangerous. And then you get to wear the coveted combat medic badge with multiple stars on it, which means you’ve been recognized for multiple instances of saving lives in the field. That’s a lot to be proud of. It’s a badge of true heroism.