How to Find Marquee Investors

Marquee investors are individuals or institutions that put their name behind a company to show their support for it. They can be a great way to get your business noticed and to boost its profile. In addition, marquee investors can help you to connect with potential customers and clients. They can also offer valuable insight into your business that you may not have thought of on your own.

How do I find investors for Series A funding?

To find Marquee investors, look for companies that invest in startups in your industry. You can also attend industry events and network with other entrepreneurs to meet investors. The right investors will share your vision for your business and have a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities in your industry.

A marquee asset is a company’s most prized possession, often the biggest contributor to its bottom line. It can be physical or intangible, such as a proprietary technology. Marquee assets are often considered a “crown jewel” and highly sought after by larger competitors. A small firm with a marquee asset can run the risk of being subject to a hostile takeover by a large competitor that wants to extract and utilize this valuable asset. The company may resort to a “crown jewels” defensive maneuver by selling off the marquee asset.

To assist clients with finding marquee investors, Marquee Equity uses a unique methodology which involves extensive research to understand the fundraising objectives of each client. The data points are imputed into a database and software then automates email outreaches with a short pitch and relevant documents to investors in the client’s preferred geography. The team regularly monitors and replies to these emails, with the aim of arranging a meeting between the investor and the client.