The YT Lab Review

With billions of users and hours upon hours of content, YouTube is one of the largest online media platforms in the world. In recent years, there has been a popular narrative that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm drives young Americans toward highly partisan and conspiracy theory-driven videos that are radicalizing. A new study from EquisLabs and Harmony Labs challenges this claim, finding that while YouTube recommendations play a role in users’ media diets, they are far less influential than is commonly

The YT Lab: Utilizing Community Features for Audience Engagement

In the study, researchers created bots that were trained on the watch history of real life YouTube users. Some bots were then assigned to follow the video recommendations of the user they were trained on; others were assigned to be experimental “counterfactual bots” that were designed to separate out the influence of YouTube’s recommendation algorithms from the impact of individual choice. Both sets of bots were then monitored over the course of an experiment to see how their media diets evolved as a result of being exposed to different videos.

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